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The object of the “The Fox Club” is to provide recreational facilities for Members and their guests at the Club’s premises.


  • The Club is a proprietary club, the Proprietor being Fox Fabs Limited, whose registered office is at 55 Thornhill Square, Islington, London N1 1BE.
  • The Club premises are located at 46 Clarges Street, London W1J 7ER, or at such other location as the Proprietor may determine from time to time.


  • The Officers of the Club (the ‘Officers’) shall be the Directors of Fox Fabs Limited and any administrative officers that the Proprietor may decide are required.
  • Two officers of the Club are nominated for the purposes of the granting of a Justice’s License.

General Committee

The General Committee of the Club (the ‘General Committee’) shall exercise the powers given to it by these rules and such other powers of management as it may undertake at the request of the Proprietor.

  • The Officers shall constitute a General Committee.
  • The General Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary to ensure the proper conduct of the affairs of the Club.


  • Every Member shall be at least 18 years of age.
  • The Joining Fee and the annual Membership Subscription (‘the Subscription’) shall be such sums as the Proprietor shall from time to time determine.
  • The Joining Fee and first year’s Subscription shall be due on the date of acceptance of a candidate as a Member and any further annual subscriptions thereafter on the anniversary of such date in any year.
  • Applications for Membership must be on the forms provided for that purpose and must be signed by the candidate, the Proposer and the seconder.
  • Proposers and Seconders must both vouch for, from their personal knowledge, for the fitness of the candidate.
  • Proposers and Seconders must both be Members of the Club.
  • Applications shall state the full name, address and occupation/profession of the candidate.
  • Any Omission from or inaccuracy in the particulars relating to or the description of any candidate for Membership may render his/her election void at the discretion of the General Committee.
  • No candidate shall be accepted for Membership until at least two working days after receipt of the relevant application for Membership.
  • The acceptance of Members shall be at the sole discretion of the General Committee.
  • When an accepted candidate has paid his Joining Fee and first years Subscription, he/she shall be a member entitled to all the privileges of Membership and shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by these Rules. Any infringement of the Rules may result in immediate cancellation of the Membership
  • All the Joining Fees and Subscriptions shall be paid by direct debit or paid by cheque or c/c.
  • At the discretion of the General Committee or the Club Secretary temporary members can be admitted to temporary membership upon application. The temporary membership shall enjoy all the privileges of a full member for the period agreed and approved by the General Committee or the Club Secretary. The number of temporary members so admitted shall not be a significant number in proportion to the total membership of the Club.
  • A list of the names and addresses of all the Members shall be kept on the Club premises and produced on demand for inspection by a Police Officer
  • Upon the death or bankruptcy of a Member his or her Membership shall not pass to those entitled to the estate or property of such Member except with the express approval and on such terms as the General Committee shall think fit.
  • The Proprietor or the General Committee may terminate the membership of any Member whose Subscription is more than one month in arrears. His/her name shall be removed from the list of registered Members and membership shall immediately cease.
  • If a Member should be convicted of an indictable offence or adjudged a bankrupt or make a composition or an arrangement with his creditors under the provision of any statute, or shall have been cashiered from HM Forces, the General Committee shall have the power in its discretion to expel him/her.

Rights and Liabilities of Members

Every Member shall (subject to these rules and any other rules that may from time to time be substituted by the General Committee) be entitled to use and enjoy the Club Premises and things provided by the Proprietor for Members’ use on such terms and conditions as the Proprietor may from time to time stipulate.


  • Subject to the provisions of these rules, Members shall be permitted to invite 3 guests per member who have attained the age of 18 years. Admittance of Member’s guests under the age of 18 years is at the sole discretion of the General Committee.
  • Members must at all times accompany guests introduced by them during the period of the visit to the Club and shall be responsible for their conduct
  • Former Members who have been expelled from the Club shall not be admitted to the Club as a guest.
  • At the discretion of the General Committee and by prior arrangement, Members may be accompanied by more than two guests. The General Committee reserves the right to refuse admission where no such prior arrangement has been made.
  • The General Committee shall have the Power to refuse the admission of any Member’s guest if in their opinion it is desirable in the interests of the Club, the Members, staff or any of the neighbours in the area of the Club.

Conduct of Members

  • A Member may resign his Membership at any time by letter delivered to the General Committee at the Club’s premises, so forfeiting all the privileges of Membership without any claim for any refund of Joining Fee or Subscription.
  • The Proprietor of the General Committee may expel from the Club any Member or Members whose conduct is such in the opinion of the Proprietor or General Committee to be detrimental to the operation, character or interests of the Club, other Members, the staff or any other neighbouring business or resident.
  • A Member who is expelled shall forfeit all the privileges of Membership without any claim for any refund of Joining Fee or Subscription.
  • No illegal betting or gaming, drunkenness, use of banned substances, indecent behaviour, foul language or other misconduct shall be permitted on or outside the Clubs premises.
  • Whilst on the Club’s premises, Members and their guests should dress in accordance with the Club Dress Code as stipulated by the General Committee.
  • Except with the consent of the Proprietor or the General Committee, no Member shall give the name or address of the Club in any advertisement or use the Club for any business purposes whatsoever.

Intoxicating Liquor

  • The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club shall be permitted within the general Licensing Hours in force within the Licensing District in which the Club’s premises are situated. These hours are subject to any extension from time to time permitted to the Club.
  • Bar opening hours shall be fixed by the General Committee.
  • Intoxicating liquor shall be sold only to members in accordance with the terms and conditions imposed by the Justice’s Licensing granted in respect of the Club’s premises.

Hours of Opening

The Club shall be open to receive Members and their guests between the hours of 7.30 am and 1am, but these hours may be lengthened or shortened at the discretion of the Proprietor or the General Committee.


  • The Club, the Proprietor and the General Committee cannot under any circumstances be held responsible to Members or their guests for the loss or damage to property of any description whilst at the Club’s premises.
  • The Club, the Proprietor and the General Committee cannot under any circumstances be held responsible to Members or their guests for loss or damage to vehicles parked outside the Club.

Changes to Rules and Byelaws

These Rules may be changed, varied or revoked by the Proprietor or General Committee and any such change, variation or revocation shall be deemed to have been brought to the notice of Members provided a copy thereof is displayed to Members on the Club’s premises.

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